Michał ‘SEPE’ Wręga

Born in 1982 in Warsaw

Since 1996 related to graffiti and than street art scene in Poland

Graduated graphic design on Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in 2009

Livesand works in Warsaw as a freelance graphic designer, painter and illustrator.

Raised on traditional graffiti movement, rooted in book illustration and then by the studies interested in graphic and poster design, Sepe is searching for his individual art language mixing those three paths on paper, canvas and walls as well.

Painted in:

                   Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Rep., Spain, Slovakia, Indonesia, Georgia, Kyrgystan, England, Turkey, USA, Albania, Portugal, Luxembourg,Estonia,Lithuania,Armenia, Poland…



                     Muralismo Morte (GER), Slanted (GER), Graffiti Art (FR),

                     Graffiti Allstars (FR), Ataq Bookzine (FR), Illegal Squad (MEX),

                      Brain Damage (PL), Hiro (PL), Street Mag (PL), Slow (PL), Arteon (PL),

                      Art&Business(PL), Vice (PL),Graffiti w Polsce (PL), Graffiti Goes East(PL)                                    Catapult Art Mag (US), KWER #1 (GER), Artysta i Sztuka (PL),

                     Magic Paintbrush (CHN), The Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2015 (FR),                                   The Art Of The Mural. Contemporary International Urban Art vol.01 2015 (US)

Art Festivals:

                     ‘Erope XXL’ Lille 2009 (FR), ‘Inspiracje’ Szczecin 2009 (PL)

                     ‘Secret Wars’ Warsaw/Bristol/Malmo 2010

                     ‘Sexto Asalto’ Saragossa 2011 (ES), ‘Urban Forms’ Łódź 2011 (PL),

                     ‘Blue Balls’ Lucerne 2011 (CH), ‘Traffic Design’ Gdynia 2012 (PL)                                                ‘Street art communication’ Kosice 2013 (SK), 'City Leaks' Cologne 2013(GER),                          'Out in the Open' Aalborg 2014 (DK), 'Common Experience' Istanbul    2014(TR),       'Richmond Mural Project' Richmond 2014 (USA), 'Stencibility' Tartu 2015(EST)                       'Elementi Sotterranei' Gemona 2015 (IT), 'Vilnius Street Art' Vilnius 2015 (LT),                         'Trans Urban' Cologne/Dortmund 2015 (GER), 'Art Basel Miami 2015 (US),                                'Memorie Urbane' Fondi 2016 (IT)



                    'Selfie in the Circus' solo show, Soon Gallery, Zurich (CH)                                                               'The 3rd Annual Exploring the New Contemporary Art Movement' Honolulu                             Museum of Art School 2016 (US)


                    'The Golden Age Of Grotesque" solo show, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London (UK)

                    'Urban Space' group show, Kirk Gallery, Aalborg (DK)

                    'Neue Landschaften' group show, Soon Gallery, Bern (CH)


                   ‘Polish Urban Art’ group show, Closer, Kiev (UA) / Dzyga, Lviv(UA)                                                                  Y gallery, Minsk (BY)/ Urban Spree,Berlin (GER) 

                                        HL Gallery, Stockholm (SE)/SergeanpaperGallery,Paris(FR)
                                        Brain Damage Gallery, Lublin (PL)

                     'Jednakowo Różni' group show, The Outsiders Gallery, Newcastle (UK)

                     'Out in the open' group show, Kirk gallery, Aalborg (DK)

                      'Major Minority' group show, 1AM gallery, San Francisco (US)

                      'PL' group show, 44309 gallery, Dortmund (GER)


                      ‘X – Mas Special’ group show, Soon Gallery, Bern (CH)

                       ‘The Group’ group show, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London (UK)

                      'Urban Life' group show, Kirk Gallery, Aalborg (DK)

                     'Lost in the city' Duo show, Schwalbe&Schwalbe, Munich (GER)
                       ‘Scope art fair’ Basel  (CH)

                       'Strictly Paper' group show, Schwalbe&Schwalbe, Munich (GER)


                      ‘Artaq Awards Exibition’ group show, Espace Cardin, Paris  (FR)

                      ‘INsideOUT’ duoshow, Mito gallery, Warsaw  (PL)

                      ‘Stroke05’ urban artfair, Berlin (GER)

                      ‘Unfrisierte Gedanken’ group show, Shwalbe&Schwalbe ,Munich (GER)


                        ‘Stroke04 urban art fair’, Munich 2011 (GER)

                       ‘Hangart’ group show, Klima Bocheńska gallery, Warsaw (PL)


                        ‘Golonka,flaki’ soloshow, Baraka gallery, Cracow (PL)

                        ‘Hat trick’ group show, Recoat gallery, Glasgow  (SCO)

                        ‘Die Neue Avantgarde’ group show Berlin  (GER)


                        ‘Na trzeźwo to nie sztuka’ solo show, Viuro gallery, Warsaw  (PL)

                        ‘Stoke01 urban art fair’ Munich  (GER)


                       ‘Laktacje Nieholenderskie’ group show Warsaw/Berlin/Praha 

Awards:           ARTAQ urban art Awards 2011 (FR)